Ron Paul Has Already Won.

Ron Paul has already won.
I know what you’re thinking: Ron Paul hasn’t even won a state, Super Tuesday is a week away, and John McCain looks like the frontrunner (possibly the nominee) now.  (Of course, the media’s been telling us this for weeks.  We were a little slow to finally get there, however.)  How could he have won?  Perhaps you wonder if I am going to present a conspiracy theory as to why he has gotten such a low percentage of votes (i.e. rigged elections).  My point and perspective is different than this.

Ron Paul has already won because the “Ron Paul Revolution” (not coined by him, you recall) is far more than a presidential bid.  It is a movement for freedom, a movement about re-thinking the fundamental role of government in our lives.  For decades, mainstream Americans have swallowed dubious assumptions whole.  That is starting to shift with Ron Paul’s (we can think of it as the Founding Father’s or the Old Right’s) ideas.

What are these ideas?  There are many.  Examples include:

1.  What type of foreign policy keeps Americans most safe?
2.  Isn’t it possible that our foreign policy has something to do with why terrorists hate and attack us?
3.  Is the permanent military-industrial complex healthy economically and morally?
4.  Is a policy of pre-emptive war OK?
5.  What foreign policy would the Founders recommend?
6.  How is perpetual deficit spending healthy?
7.  How can we overcome a $9 trillion dollar national debt and tens of trillions more in entitlement obligations in the next few years?
8.  What problems are associated with our monetary policies?
9.  Why isn’t the Federal Reserve transparent?
10. Is the Federal Reserve necessary?
11. What’s wrong with following the Constitution’s admonition to accept only gold and silver as legal tender?
12. Why do we have the boom-bust cycle?
13. How can we overcome the effects or limit the problems of the boom-bust cycle?
14. How much freedom at home and abroad are we willing to compromise for hollow promises of “security?”
15. What problems are associated with a national ID card?
16. Why do we have an illegal immigration problem?
17. How do we solve our illegal immigration problem?
18. What is the best role of the federal government in education?
19. What is the best role of the federal government related to the environment?
20. What is the best role of the federal government related to energy?
21. What is the best role of the federal government related to health care?
22. How much government spending is too much?
23. How much taxation is too much?
24. Are farm subsidies effective in preserving family farms?
25. Do so-called free trade organizations (NAFTA, WTO, CAFTA, etc.) help me economically?  Why or why not?
26. What is the best way (in terms of economic policy) to a free and prosperous nation?

There are dozens if not hundreds of more questions relating to the fundamental role of the government in our lives.  How much government do we really want?  How much freedom do we really want?  Is the government too big already?  What government agencies and departments are superfluous?

Ron Paul has already won because a large portion of Americans have started re-thinking these basic assumptions.  His message of liberty, private property rights, and a federal government Constitutional in scope has caught like wildfire, and continues to be popular.  He has won because many Americans have seen the sticky political and economic situations and finally recognized there is a better way.  He has won because he has gotten the ball rolling, and has shown us that there is hope for America.

The challenge facing us is to continue the Revolution, no matter what happens to the presidential run.  There are still 434 seats in the House of Representatives without a Constitutionalist, and 100 Senate seats, as well.  There are state legislatures, city and county governments in need of freedom-minded individuals and perspectives.  Even if we choose not to run for office, we can at least make our voices be heard in all manner of venues, respectfully and peacefully.  There is absolutely no reason why this should be the end.  This is merely the beginning of a great political renaissance, a wonderful resurgence of the ideals and philosophies of the Founding Fathers and the Old Right.  May it ever be so, that those of us cynical about American politics may have a reason for optimism and hope!


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    this site is way to 高级for me 🙂
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    Eric – 北毅扬

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