Thoughts on the Revolution

Few may be talking about it, especially in the mainstream media, but Ron Paul came in second in Pennsylvania, with 16% of the vote.  Pretty good for a loon.

Ron Paul is still campaigning.  The Revolution is still going forward. 

What is the nature of the Ron Paul Revolution?  Its aim is to restore the American Republic forged from the Constitutional Convention.  That means a limited government which exists to protect the rights of its citizens.  Instead, we have an ever-expanding (increasingly unlimited in scope) government which infringes upon the rights of its citizens.

Liberty is what the American experiment was based upon: personal, individual, God-given liberty.  Not liberty from poverty or environmental hazard, or any global malady, but liberty from oppressive government influences.  Liberty from warrantless searches and seizures.  Liberty from unjust courts and trials.  Liberty to live as we please, so long as we do not infringe upon the rights of others.  Why else throw off the shackles of a relatively mild (mild by today’s standards, anyway) English monarch?

It just so happens that this pattern of limited government, if followed, would result in the most prosperous nation on the Earth.  How do we know this?  History, especially economic history, informs us that liberty, if implemented, leads to unprecedented prosperity.  We can see this with England’s Constitutional Monarchy, and economic growth in the Industrial Revolution.  We can see this with Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore in the post WWII era.  We can see this with explosive economic growth in India and China (Ironic, isn’t it, that a government-run, oppressive Communist regime like China has more economic freedom than the good ol’ US of A?)  And we could see this with America, before the welfare-warfare state came into existence.

The good news is that people are starting to wake up.  The Pennsylvania results are just the latest tally in a lasting movement to restore the American Republic to its fit and proper state, that which the Founders set up.

The Ron Paul Revolution is for real, and it is just getting started.


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3 responses to “Thoughts on the Revolution

  1. socialist brother-in-law

    Are you really suggesting that China has more economic freedom than the United States? Or were you only claiming that its economic growth rate is currently higher? Normally I don’t link to the Heritage Foundation (and perhaps they’re the wrong kind of conservatives for you), but they have an index of economic freedom that lists the US at number 5 (behind Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, and Australia), with China at 126 (out of 157 countries ranked).

    Perhaps it’s China’s fiat currency that’s causing the rapid growth there.

  2. plato04

    Answer this question: how easy is it to start and maintain a business in the U.S. as compared to China?

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