Hoarding vs. Storage

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints like to store food.  We are taught to do so.  Yes, it’s a little quirky to others, but has scriptural merit.  In ancient Egypt, Joseph had the people gather enough grain to last for seven years.  That was the way they (and the surrounding areas) survived the seven year famine.  In the Book of Mormon, to combat the Gadianton Robbers, the Nephites and Lamanites gathered themselves into one big city, cloistered together with enough food to last, we are told, for seven years.

Prophets have told us since nearly the beginning to store food.  Store just a little, if you can, President Hinckley would say.

Some people call storing “hoarding.”  In these times of rising fuel and food prices, and looming food shortages, one could be accused of “hoarding” too much food.

In the early part of FDR’s tenure, he used the word “hoarding” to condemn private ownership of gold.  He opposed it so vehemently that he used World War I war powers to confiscate the gold of Americans.  No longer could one hold onto gold as a hedge against government inflation, or as the lowest maintenance of bank accounts.  Instead, private ownership was outlawed.

Frankly, I have a very hard time accepting the president misusing a war power (remember Armistice Day ended World War I in November 1918) to confiscate the gold of Americans when the Constitution itself says that only gold and silver can be used as legal tender!  One can say, quite literally, that the president confiscated the money of individuals, replacing it with something of lesser worth (if it was of greater worth, the exchange would have taken place voluntarily without an executive order).

What, I ask, was “hoarding” but individuals storing gold as permitted by the Constitution?  What was the difference between “hoarding” gold and “storing” gold?  I cannot find any.

What, then, is the difference between storing food and hoarding it?  The implications, then, are that the government could condemn individuals for “hoarding” food, fuel, or any other commodity, and even confiscate the “hoarded” goods.  And this at an executive order, with no congressional approval.

How much do you trust your politicians?



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2 responses to “Hoarding vs. Storage

  1. ed42

    How much do you trust your politicians?

    Negative Infinity!

  2. If the government can ‘confiscate’ your children, what’s to stop them from taking your gold or your food, right?

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