Global Warming Skeptics, Unite!

It will probably come as a shock to no one that I consider myself skeptical about global warming, or “climate change,” as it is now called.

I admit I am not a climate scientist.  Nor do I have more than a cursory understanding of meteorology or computer modelling.  My skepticism essentially has two, simple prongs:

1. Why do we assume government-funded research is objective when corporate research is not?

2. Why do we assume heavy-handed government solutions are the answer to environmental problems when governments have such a sketchy track record of environmental policy as compared to private property rights?

I admit I’m also confused by concern over carbon dioxide when to me it’s plant food, not a pollutant.  Nor do I understand reducing one’s “carbon footprint” to be “carbon neutral” or some such.  Isn’t carbon the stuff of life?  Nor do I find the tactics of the uber-wealthy left, like Al Gore (private jet, huge house, etc.) intellectually honest nor convincing.  It all seems a little hypocritical to me.

The following articles below (and a couple of online video clips) are just a small smattering of the many opinions and positions opposed to the orthodox, mainstream views of “climate change.” (This article addresses carbon dioxide as a pollutant.) (I highly recommend this lengthy but interesting view of global warming skepticism, summarizing the thoughts of several dissenting scientists.) (This website has more serious scientific information than most of the others listed here.) (Glenn Beck’s Climate of Fear special, aired last year, questions the government solutions and the government research.) (A speech by Christopher Horner on his book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming.)


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