Time for Something Positive?

I’m an anti-statist, but in a statist world that largely looks to the welfare-warfare state for solutions (or apathetically shrugs its shoulders at those solutions), I certainly have reason to be bitter, to be sour, etc.

I thought I’d share some optimistic thoughts for a change.

What reasons have I to be optimistic?

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have all manner of theological reasons for optimism. The Second Coming is drawing near. We are promised the Church will never again be taken from the earth. Temples dot the earth like never before in the world’s history. Technology makes the worldwide Church feel closer than ever. Latter-day scripture and continuing revelation through prophets, seers, and revelators bring more reason for optimism. The Gospel continues to roll forward. And there are many, many other reasons for optimism.

What about politically? What reason have we to be optimistic about the cause of liberty?

The Ron Paul Revolution is still going. Sales of The Revolution: A Manifesto are still very strong. Ron Paul’s message is getting out, through the internet and other means. It is still as timeless and powerful and timely and well-received as it has ever been.  He has done relatively well in Indiana, North Carolina, and Nebraska.  He continues to receive some mainstream media coverage.

The internet remains unregulated, for the moment. Government has its hands off for now. Liberty and its associated benefits (near-unfettered communication, economic growth, etc.) thus abound online.

America is still a nation of individuals who believe in freedom and liberty, its ever-expanding government notwithstanding. That is what most Americans want to believe. The hard part is to help them see that their liberty is increasingly compromised, and the resulting consequences.  But the education process is happening right now.

Most people really want the government to leave them alone.  They’d rather take care of their family in peace.  Most people, for instance, dread, rather than look forward with positive participation, to paying their income taxes.

The market can innovate!  It’s amazing what the market has done over the last few decades to improve our lives despite government involvement in so many aspects.  So far, the market can stay ahead of government.  The market recovered nicely after a brutal Depression and World War II, complete with a command economy, and has stayed intact the last few decades, weathering the turbulent sixties, the troubled seventies, and all the way through the end of the Cold War and into the perpetual “War on Terror.”  The market is still moving forward.

There are many worldwide “emerging markets,” areas where liberty is strong enough for rapid economic growth and development.  Ironically, China is one of these countries.  India is another.  Economic growth continues.  Man continues to find ways to economize and innovate to improve the lives of everyone.

Then there are many dark clouds with silver linings: deficit spending means the government is that much more likely to cut back at some point. Or we are at least that much closer to some sort of cut back. Same goes with Iraq. The worse it gets, the sooner we are to pull out. Same goes with the weakening dollar. More exports, of course, and plenty of second thoughts about things like increases in government debt and inflation.  And of course the fact that these are getting attention means the chances of individuals re-thinking their positions rather than apathetically shrugging their shoulders about these issues increases.

And so there are many reasons to be positive and optimistic about the future.  I’m no Pollyanna, but we all need to look on the brighter side to keep an even keel and avoid a sour disposition.


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