Oil Shale In Utah: The Government Stifles Oil Production

I saw this article this morning in the Deseret Morning News.  Three key government officials from Utah oppose federal restrictions on oil shale production which specifically affects the state of Utah.

It turns out that Colorado and Wyoming also have a lot of reserves.  Together, it is estimated that these three states (in the Green River Valley) have enough oil shale to produce petroleum to power America for 100 years.  And what does our government do?  It literally impedes economic progress, stifles growth and development, and refuses to help out Americans at the pump.

As Senator Hatch says, we need oil now.  We need cheaper gas now.  Some distant alternative does not help me today or tomorrow or next year.  Thirty or forty years down the road and trillions of taxpayer dollars later, maybe there will be some infrastructural change.  But for right now, what’s to stop us from getting the oil shale?

Think of the jobs that would result from domestic oil shale production, not to mention the relief at the pump, and in many other areas of petroleum production (oils, soaps, plastics, clothing, etc.).

This is just like the government restrictions on drilling in ANWR or on putting up more oil platforms in the Gulf Coast.  It doesn’t make sense from an economic standpoint, and as this article indicates, it doesn’t make sense from an environmental standpoint, either.

Ah, the joys of central economic planning.



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2 responses to “Oil Shale In Utah: The Government Stifles Oil Production

  1. Lets exploit now..that is always the best solution. Lets not conserve, think of better/different ways to live, lets not leave anything for future generations, its only the environment and a bunch of red rock…right!!!

  2. plato04

    When is the use of natural resources “exploitation” and when is it not?

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