Destroying Marriage

I recently read a statement from Donald Wilmond, founder and head of the American Family Association.  He is talking about the negative consequences resulting from the recent California Supreme Court decision overturning the popular referendum to ban gay marriage.  Here is an excerpt:

“The recent 4-3 ruling, if allowed to stand, would destroy marriage as it has been known for thousands of years.”

Let me first say that I am appalled by the power Supreme Courts have to nullify legislation unchecked by anyone or anything else.  Nor do I support this decision specifically.  Yes, I do find it ominous with respect to our culture, values, etc.

But can a judicial decision really “destroy marriage as it has been known for thousands of years?”  I suppose that depends on how you define marriage, and who defines it.

Currently, the federal government is tasked with defining marriage.  But how has marriage been defined for the last few thousands of years?  For the religiously inclined, this was a theological definition, not a political one.  For instance, “What God has put together, let not man divide asunder.”  We can also consider that nation-states have risen and fallen.  How long is a government-sanctioned definition valid?  Does each nation have to define marriage separately?  Or more importantly, is a government definition divinely-sanctioned?

If the government has the right to define marriage, can the government also define “childhood,” “parenting,” and “family,” as well, with the accompanying right to legislate and regulate?  This is a very disturbing implication.

Marriage is a private institution, not a government one.  What business does the government have defining marriage in the first place?

Leave Uncle Sam out of my family circle and out of my home.  Government meddling, especially of the federal kind (I’m not referring to criminal acts here), is not welcome.



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2 responses to “Destroying Marriage

  1. ed42

    Again, a great post. To make it perfect drop the word “meddling,”

  2. plato04

    Thanks for the feedback.

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