John McCain and Hillary Clinton: That’s Not Change We Can Believe In

Is it just me, or is this election year the biggest episode of political theater imaginable?

I saw a few news stories yesterday afternoon indicating Hillary Clinton was finally going to concede.  I was skeptical.  Sure enough, on the drive home, I heard on the radio that Terry McAuliffe, a Hillary campaign spokesman, denied the rumors, indicating Hillary would not concede.  Sure enough, concession has not been official as of yet.

And yet Obama has clinched the nomination.  Why the holdout?  Why the different and conflicting reports?

I was subjected to an even more delicious slice of the political theater of the absurd as I witnessed John McCain giving one of the most hallow and artificial speeches I have ever seen.  Fake smiles, forced laughter, misreading the teleprompter, it was all there.  If I truly supported John McCain, I would have either been embarrassed or felt sorry for the man.  Whatever happened to the straight talk express?  This speech seemed more canned than Jolly Green Giant’s green beans.  It was forced, awkward, and above all, clearly insincere.  Has he sold himself out?  Has he always been this way?  What’s going on?

The theme of the speech was John McCain’s bashing Obama, frequently saying, “That’s not change we can believe in,” when referring to a position of his opponent.  It was all so awkward, stilted, staged, and forced.  It was like a bad comedy skit or a unrehearsed kindergarten play.

Part of me wants to laugh myself silly, considering the ridiculous political theater of the absurd.  Part of me is very saddened by all of this hallow, shallow, trivial and insincere staging which constitutes our presidential elections, and the trillions of tax dollars that will surely be confiscated in the upcoming 12 months.



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3 responses to “John McCain and Hillary Clinton: That’s Not Change We Can Believe In

  1. Jodi

    Yeah, I am with you…what is this country coming to? The Republican party is in BAD shape if the best they can come up with is McCain. He doesn’t seem sincere and I am put off by the distastefulness of a speech only presenting the negatives of an opponent. I would rather him speak on the negative aspects on him as a presidential candidate and how he will overcome those. That would be more sincere, honest and upfront. I hate the bashing of the other. That gets old and not very informative. Why not say, “so and so would be better at this than I am, but…” I would enjoy that much more.

  2. plato04

    Perhaps it is time we popularize humility as a virtue.

  3. Here’s a video w/ some compilations from that speech:

    So painful, yet so laughable. Bush III, for sure.

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