Future of Freedom Foundation Conference: In Case You Haven’t Heard

The Future of Freedom Foundation’s annual conference brings together some of the more visible and notable personas in matters relating to war and economics, with a focus on a peace-loving, classical liberal approach.

There are some highly recommended articles on lewrockwell.com available for your perusal (or, as Rod Serling might say, “Submitted for your Perusal”).

One is on war and inflation.  Many do not consider that one of the best ways to prevent wars is to prevent the financing of them.  The financial organ behind the Twentieth Century’s most terrible and costly conflicts: the Federal Reserve System, created by the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  Yes, I’m not counting the Boer War and a couple of other isolated conflicts.  But most 20th Century conflicts would not have had U.S. involvement were it not for the easy money made available by the United States’ central bank.  Citizens would not put up with such high tax rates, but they will put up with inflation, the hidden tax.  Lew Rockwell’s speech on war and inflation is highly recommended.

Karen Kwiatowski, former Pentagon insider and military official, always has an interesting perspective.  In this article, she discusses some of the major changes taking place in the American and worldwide psyche, reasons for hope, and what to do about it.

Two very good articles.  I may not agree with them 100%, but they are definitely worth the read.


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