The Anti-Establishment Show: All Are Welcome!

I’m tired of establishment shows like Anderson Cooper 360, Larry King, Bill O’Reilly, the evening news, and even Glenn Beck.  It’s time to address our society from the perspective that something is broken very badly and drastic measures are needed to fix it.

If I were a television producer for a news show, I would love to start a show called “Anti-Establishment.”  It would feature four political, anti-establishment pundits: a paleolibertarian, a paleoconservative, and then two more statist guests, like a Socialist Trotskyite and a Marxist, with some sort of anti-establishment host (maybe a communitarian or disgruntled European?) as a facilitator.

The show would have several segments.  These may include:

1. Front page: this would be how the show gets kicked off.  The panel would select a story or stories from the front page of the Washington Post or New York Times and comment on it, each from a different perspective.

2. Looking Back: This would be a historical glimpse into some event that happened on this day years ago.  Each individual on the panel would weigh in on the historical and current implications.

3. Ask the Expert: This would be a segment where called or emailed questions would be asked of the candidates, without their having time beforehand to formulate a response.

4. Missing Story: This segment would be where pundits would select an important news story they feel was neglected that day and then they discuss it from their perspective.

5. For your Edification: This segment would have each pundit recommend a book, article, film, magazine, or website which would be of value to the viewer to better understand the pundit’s perspective.

6. Debate: This segment would feature two or more pundits squaring off on some hot-button issue in a debate setting.

The show would work to dismantle the corporate, warfare state, albeit from different angles.  But one goal would be to build popular opinion against warfare and corporatism.

Any thoughts on a title?



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2 responses to “The Anti-Establishment Show: All Are Welcome!

  1. Jodi

    If only you were a producer!!

  2. plato04

    Why, thank you!

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