In Praise of the Internet

Might I say a few words in praise of the internet?  In this time to celebrate American independence from tyranny (like tax increases and occupying armies) , I feel that the internet is one global area where liberty and freedom reign.

Consider the fruits of liberty!  In just a few short years, the internet went from almost nothing to a huge and growing community of individuals.  What do these individuals do?

They talk to each other.  They buy and sell goods.  They share pictures.  They play games together.  They research and read and entertain themselves.

Consider the treasure troves available on the internet.  It literally contains the world’s largest (and cheapest) art gallery, movie theater, and library, in subjects of all flavors and varieties.  Those are just a few of the things the internet offers.

To me, the internet represents freedom at its best, and its worst.  Yes, there is a dark side.  There is pornography.  There are scams.  Predators do use chat rooms.  Violence, hatred, and strife do abound in areas.

But how is this any different than the world we live in?  There are good parts and there are bad parts: those places that are safe and those that are not; those that are moral and those that are not; those that are inviting and those that are not; those that are friendly and those that are not.

The internet links the world to itself (and links us to each other) in a beautifully decentralized, voluntary, complex, liberating, free (both in the liberty and complimentary sense) and incredibly diverse way.  It includes all of the bad but also all of the good that is in the world.  It is the most useful of resources, and one of the greatest (and transformative) technological miracles in our lifetime.

When I praise the internet, I am praising individuals acting freely.  I am praising the things that make us different, and that which makes us the same.  I am praising freedom and liberty, and their fruits.  Long live the internet, and long live freedom!


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