Who Killed the Constitution? and A Recession’s Value

Two excellent articles on lewrockwell.com today deserve my hearty recommendation.

This one is author Thomas Woods’ discussion of his new book, “Who Killed the Constitution?”  The premise is that the Constitution has taken a beating since World War I.  Blaming George W. Bush while giving people like FDR and Harry Truman, among others, a nod of approval is inconsistent.  The American Presidency, as well as the judiciary and legislative branches, are plagued with constitutional problems that continue until this day. 

As Tom Woods puts it, “Our book states the obvious: the United States government today is restrained not by the Constitution but simply by a sense of what it can get away with.”  I find that terribly accurate.

Lew Rockwell wrote this wonderful article about economics and the value of a recession.  Why is it valuable?  It helps us re-think our economic framework and mindset.  After all, from an economic standpoint, what is a government good for but to impede progress and erect barriers?

Unfortunately, this perspective is lost on many.  Government is still seen as the great solution to the world’s problems.  AIDS?  Pollution?  Poverty?  Greed?  Immorality?  (The list is apparently endless.)  Get the government involved and the problems go away, right?  So the common thinking goes.  Hopefully, tough times give us the motivation and desire to re-think these terribly flawed perspectives in favor of one that makes rational sense, and is historically and ethically consistent.


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One response to “Who Killed the Constitution? and A Recession’s Value

  1. ed42

    Government is the Church of the Devil (as seen and described in the Book of Mormon). One either seeks and gives freedom and liberty (Christ’s church) or one is a statist.

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