Of Greater Importance

Thomas Fleming, a very conservative (of the Old Right variety) classical historian I highly respect, recently wrote the following as a follow-on comment to one of his online articles about the presidential election.  He is here addressing the question of what to do:

The first thing, then, to understand is that there are far more important questions to address before worrying out which scoundrel sits in the White House. For example: how much Latin your children are learning in and out of school, how regular you have been in attending church, reading Scripture, and praying; what books and music should be reforming your soul; what good am I failing to do for members of my family or neighbors; how well have I controlled my temper and how effective have I been in witnessing to the Truth; what contributions have I made to the improvement of the social and cultural life of where I live;

That’s comment 3 from this article.  It’s a good reminder for us all that there are more important things to worry and fret over, and more important things in life than simply an election.


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  1. The Mormon Monk

    Mormon Paleo,

    I think Reich would say (and I would agree) that capitalism IS fundamentally exploitative–its sole concern is efficiency, and if that means sweatshops, child labor and slavery, so be it. Capitalism is a very useful tool, in that it makes life and markets more efficient, but our sole concern (presumably) is not efficiency, so there does have to be some sort of regulation to temper the all-out search for efficiency. I’m quite sympathetic to the need for smaller government, but I don’t think that can happen unless you first kick business out of government.

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