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This huge bailout of Wall Street is like the titanic increasing its speed as it heads towards doom rather than changing course away from disaster. Thankfully has published on their front page a commentary written by Ron Paul about why the government shouldn’t bail out Wall Street. It is great to see a mainstream media outlet like CNN recognize Ron Paul and these paleoconservative ideas.



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  1. T Dorman

    Its about time someone recognizes Ron Paul. It is only a matter of time before the media won’t have a choice but to acknowledge the third party. Paul is smart, and he is out there to stand up for the American People, when I listen to him I trust what he says. That says a lot about a polititian.

  2. plato04

    Thanks for chiming in, T. Dorman.

    Some would say that Ron Paul is so unlike the politicians of today, cowering before special interests and government might, that he isn’t really a politician at all, but more closely resembles the “statesman” the Founders hoped would populate the highest levels of government.

    His sincerity and frankness is a complete breath of fresh air. His consistent and principled support of liberty is remarkable and unparalleled in Washington politics. His grasp of sound economic and foreign policy principles towers over nearly any Washington egghead. His humility and self-effacing manner is even more remarkable considering how special he truly is.

    And, as you say, you can not only understand, but trust what he says. He’s the true straight-talker, the true harbinger of change that the country needs.

  3. I can’t say I agree with Paul’s ideas and positions 100%, but I’ll say 85%. It’s rare to find a politician that is relatively true to his word, and whose values are relatively close to my own. He would have had my vote in the general election.

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