An interesting website that gives us an important insight into financial backing of political heavyweights.

Go to, and go to the politicians section.  Then to go the section on congress.

Look up John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Chris Dodd.  Look at the biggest campaign contributors.  See much difference?  The financial giants like Goldman Sachs and Merril Lynch are vying for all of these guys, contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Is this just some coincidence that the power brokers we are to vote for are supported by the same sort of financial interests?

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, by contrast, have as their biggest contributors local interests.  I view this far more favorably.

Ron Paul’s biggest contributors are even more enlightening: US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Google, and Microsoft.  So the military and computer companies like this guy.  Goldman Sachs is nowhere to be found.  Nor do large local interests dominate his top sources of funding.  Interesting.

The largest industries that support the power brokers mentioned above are usually real estate, financial, and law areas.  These areas benefit from regulation which favors them but not the competition.  Who supports Ron Paul?  Retired individuals, computer companies (heavily unregulated), and health professionals (not large medical industrial companies, but individual health professionals) are the three biggest support areas.

It’s obvious to me (this is more evidence) that corruption abounds in Washington, D.C., especially among the power elite.  It is a den of vipers and thieves.  Many are well-meaning and well-intentioned.  But there are also back-door dealings and front-door dealings and unholy alliances and corrupt schemes of all kinds.  And it should be enlightening to ask why the same Wall Street financial interests are heavily supporting Sen. Obama, McCain, Clinton, and Dodd.

What should we do?  Get our homes in order.  Hope Washington leaves us alone.  And vote people in that will make sure Washington leaves our money, our liberty, and our families alone, or at least that will not stand for this corporate cronyism we have today.  Vote third party and send a message.



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  1. socialist brother-in-law

    Statistics are fun. You mention real estate as pro-regulation. And you mention the to three categories for Ron Paul. Number four for Ron Paul? Real estate. Of course, by the time you get to number four, you’re not talking about a high percentage of the total: only 1.1% of his presidential funding came from people related to real estate. Real estate is also number four on McCain’s list: it represents 3.7% of his money raised. Real estate ranks as the sixth highest category on Obama’s list, representing 1.5% of his money raised.

    I agree that money in politics can look like a bad thing, but if you take the top five categories for each candidate, they represent 9.3% of Ron Paul’s total funding, 11.5% of John McCain’s funding, and 17.4% of Barack Obama’s funding. Maybe you think that that’s too much money from too few categories. I think it looks pretty balanced, given how broad the categories are.

    Another interesting way of looking at things is how much money comes from small donors (donors who gave less than $200). Ron Paul gets 57% of his money from small donors, Barack Obama gets 52% of his money from small donors, and John McCain gets 20% of his money from small donors.

    I would hope that each of these candidates would look out for the little guys–who provide far more of their support than any of the categories listed above–but based on these numbers, I would trust Ron Paul and Barack Obama to look out for the little guy more. (John McCain gets 54% of his money from people giving $2300 or more.)

  2. plato04

    Interesting insights. Thanks for your observations.

  3. Great post. Great resource. Thanks.

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