What Kind of Change, Mr. Obama?

Though I am sick of hearing about President Obama’s cabinet appointees, being fed ad nauseum, the pundits perspectives and rumored picks does bring up one question: considering the types of people who have been or will be offered positions by President Obama, what kind of change is he really going to work towards?

Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s choice for Chief-of-Staff, for instance, is considered fiercely partisan and somewhat fiery-tempered.

This morning on the radio I hear Obama is considering Tom Daschle, a Congressman since 1978, and a Senator since 1986, as his Secretary of Health and Human Services.  He passed up Kansas governor Kathleen Sibelius and former Vermont governor Howard Dean, both Washington outsiders.  Now he is being lauded for picking people to work in the White House who know Congress.

Senator Clinton is supposedly being considered for Secretary of State.

The fact is that despite Barack Obama’s rhetoric about changing the same old Washington ways and the same old Washington politics, Barack seems right in the thick of it: same ties to lobbyists (and pandering to lobbyists), same foreign policy, same sort of divisive rhetoric, and same monetary policy.  Really, what type of change does he bring except for motivational speaking and left-leaning policies?



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2 responses to “What Kind of Change, Mr. Obama?

  1. Yeah, I was disappointed with the Daschle pick. Because Obama hasn’t been around that long, he probably feels like he has to pick some folks who know the ropes. Kind of a status quo safety net…

  2. MH

    I agree with your post. It seems Obama is mainly concerned with changing Bush policies and returning to Clinton policies.

    Rather than going in a new direction (as it appeared on he has been promising during the campaign), it seems he really wants a change back to old policies.

    At least we won’t get any “I didn’t inhale”, or Monica Lewinsky scandals. That will be a change from Mr Clinton. I suspect Mrs Clinton has banned female interns from associating with her husband. That’s a change.

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