Sardonic Reflections on the News

I didn’t know that a bus was a standard measurement unit, but it seems like every reference to this story includes this comparison.  And why is it that every story seems to link that amazing find to climate change?  Could there not be an agenda in there somewhere?

Why all the emphasis on “President Obama? (note the 650,000+ news stories)”  Why not just call him king, call the inauguration a coronation, and rename the “White House” the “White Castle?” 

Just think of all the jobs created by designing, fabricating, and fitting an intricate crown made of various precious metals and gems!  Come to think of it, why stop at one when we could get royal headgear for the whole royal family!  There would be the quandry of whether to insert a “buy American” clause into such a crown.  After all, I’m not sure American goldsmithing is up to snuff.

Question: if President Obama is the king, who is the jester?


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One response to “Sardonic Reflections on the News

  1. I think President Obama is a great person. What disturbs me is how all Hollywood, recording artists, etc. trumpeted him into office on Inauguration Day as their savior and he didn’t seem to resist that. John Kerry called Hollywood “the heart and soul of America” and got in trouble. Obama is smart enough not to say that, but I would have liked to have seen more “normal people” involved in his inauguration. Then again, maybe they just don’t show the normal folks on TV.

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