Movie Recommendations

Let me recommend two movies about life and relationships.  (These are private human relationships and have no relevance to the relationship between man and state.)

First, I recommend Bella.  It’s a film that tackles important themes related to tragedy, relationships, the grind of day-to-day living, joy, and family.  Some would and have seen this as overly sentimental.  I find it interesting and emotionally powerful.  In terms of objectionable content, there is very little in the way of violence, profanity, or immorality.  See for details.

Because of Winn-Dixie is another film considered simplistic or overly simplistic.  I find it another interesting exploration of human relationships.  The dog is really a projection or catalyst for each of these.  This film explores relationships pertaining to a broader human community as opposed to focusing solely on the nuclear family.

I find both films containing principles consistent with what we Mormons consider “Zion:” the ideal society where imperfect, fallen individuals through their own goodness and God’s grace lift and bless each other.

Be warned that my wife has lukewarm appreciation for both of these movies.  But I find they explore important themes in a thought-provoking way and with a convincing emotional power.  They speak to me.  I challenge you to find books or films that touch and move you and cause you to think.


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  1. Despite my best efforts to see “everything,” I haven’t seen either of these movies. Thanks for the recommendations.

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