President Obama on Science

President Obama has recently committed huge amounts of resources to science.  Is it bad to support science and scientific research?  Absolutely not.

However, the problem is that the funding mechanism for this scientific research is unconstitutional and unethical.  President Obama does not say to the American people, “You need to pay more for government-directed scientific research funding, and so we are at work now to determine the best way to take your money for this purpose; we will most likely increase our catastrophic indebtedness.”

He does not say this, and I do not think he means this, either.  President Obama, like most people, does not have a problem with a government of our size and cost.  In fact, he’d prefer it to be bigger.  Nor does he see taxation (including inflation) as inherently coercive and morally problematic, as I do, and as I believe our founding fathers did.

Another problem is that a false argument is constructed: you are either for us (our proposed government program) or opposed to scientific growth.

In reality, one can be opposed to the funding mechanism yet still highly supportive of voluntarily-funded (rather than coercively-funded) scientific research.

It is an unfortunate thing indeed for our allegedly post-partisan president to play such petty games.


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