Movie Review: Awakenings

I recently watched a film called “Awakenings.”  I enjoyed it.

As a film, it is quite clean.  There are perhaps a half-dozen profanities and some very mild violence (milder than, say, Wall-E or Toy Story).  There is no sexual innuendo I was aware of.

The film is about a doctor who is working to rehabilitate catatonic (nearly comatose) patients who became catatonic as a result of a brain disease called encephalitis.  He tries an experimental drug which works fabulously well, for a time, and then begins to manifest unpleasant side effects.

He finds during these experiences that in addition to drugs, there are other things that can rehabilitate patients, such as music and physical human contact.  One of the main ideas of the film is that there are some things that are most important from a universal human perspective: work, play, friends, and family.  There was a wonderful emphasis on living a simple life.

I found the message uplifting and optimistic, and the film wonderfully done.


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