Secular Readings

Not all of the secular content on the links are just great. It’s a mixed bag. So I thought I’d point you to some of my favorites.

I like Lew’s Archives:

Especially, Lew Rockwell on Economics:

Lew Rockwell on Ron Paul as a Conservative:

and Lew Rockwell on Why Ron Paul Won:

Jeffrey Tucker is another great writer. His articles are generally very good. I’ve picked out a couple of my favorites:Free market?

Not here:

Spiderman 3

Spiderman 2

The subprime crisis was a big deal. We haven’t heard too much about this lately, though. It seems presidential politics, the super bowl, and bad weather has crowded this out. Here are some recommended articles:

A good one on Recession. (Gary North is a fun columnist for me to read):

And for a Chronicles article on foreign policy, I recommend Dr. Trifkovic on Paul Wolfowitz:

Here’s Pat Buchanan on the subprime nation, followed by a link to his archives on Chronicles:

Here are some links for global warming skeptics

Many of the articles on and Chronicles tackling foreign and domestic policies, in addition to attacks on our civil liberties, are a little too vitiolic for my direct, personal recommendation, though I admittedly patronize some of them.