Secular Video

I should explain that I make no attempt at objectivity, as you have undoubtedly noticed. The following videos are subjective presentations which can help us re-think the political machinery in our world, and especially in our country; a special focus on the economic and military apparatus.

Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve : 41 minute documentary about the Federal Reserve; produced by the Mises Institute.

The Money Masters : 3 1/2 hr documentary about the history of banking, with a focus on central banks in the United States.

Lew Rockwell on PBS NOW : Roughly 20 minute interview taped dated March 2003, months before the Iraq invasion.

Why We Fight : Excellent 1 hr 40 min documentary on America’s last sixty years of military engagements, including covert operations, covering both pro and anti-war stances; guests include John McCain, Chalmers Johnson, Richard Perle, Bill Kristol, and Karen Kwiatowski; clear anti-war bias at the end

The Secret Government : Bill Moyers special on the history of the CIA, up until the 1980’s Iran-Contra affair; focuses roughly 40-50% on the previous history, and 50-60% on the Iran-Contra situation

The Fog of War: Highly recommended 1 hr 40 min film where Bob McNamara, Secretary of Defense for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, reminisces on war.  Well worth watching.

33 Questions on American History You’re Not Supposed to Ask: A thirty-minute speech from Thomas Woods about American ineptitude in historical understanding.

Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism: Bob Murphy gives a speech about his book: why capitalism isn’t the enemy.

Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming: Chris Horner discusses why to disbelieve global warming propaganda.